Setup Norton Antivirus Via to Protect Devices

Having a good antivirus on all electronic devices is quite necessary for protection. As we know so many intruders or cyber-criminals are active on internet to hack someone’s personal data and also they have ability to steal the password. That’s why, safety and security is very much important nowadays. There are many different antivirus programs available in the market but the services and features offered by Norton antivirus are useful and utmost. So, it is recommended to setup Norton Antivirus software on your operating device via clicking on the link When you open this site on your web browser, you can see an executable file i.e., Norton Setup which you have to download in your PC. Norton security software may run on Windows, Mac, Android, OS and iOS platforms, so don’t worry about the operating system you are accessing on. The best part of Norton antivirus application is it is compatible with all the Windows and mobile operating devices.

With Symantec’s award-winning Norton antivirus program, you will experience the professional quality protection on your device. Norton can be easily installed and it assimilates with your computer or PC flawlessly for offering the optimum result in defencing against viruses, malware, Trojans, ransomware and cyber crooks. The best thing about having a Norton security is that it runs silently in the background without any disturbance of your work that you are currently doing on your laptop or computer. It gives you surety for the wide-ranging protection through a host of reliable security tools, technologies, and utilities that can be downloaded with the help of login page. With Norton, your device is 100% secure.

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How does Norton Work and What Are Its Features?

Norton does ensure excellent malware protection without affecting the system. If someone tries to access any other websites which have malware in it, Norton plays an active role in blocking such websites and don’t let them accessible as it would be harm your PC. Norton Antivirus performs constant scan on your computer for being protective against surf websites, affected download files and opening emails. Norton Antivirus is updated automatically on regular basis so that your PC becomes safe.

  • Scans Computer for Threats
  • Norton is Automated
  • Continual Updates

Norton Antivirus safeguards your computer by simply scanning the device constantly and regularly. It instantly blocks the unwanted file, data, or site if any one of these trying to enter your computer and harm your PC. Before coming inside any file, it takes permission from you to allow it to enter. If it is a virus or malicious threats or anything else that can potentially cause damage, it insulates immediately and then alerts you. Norton Antivirus also protects you from being infected when you use an instant messaging program. Malicious programs can enter in your computer during chatting so stay away from such situation.

Norton Antivirus is automated and it starts scanning as soon as you turn on your computer. It blocks the sites and application threats and also protects you from infected websites. If you are operating on internet to research something and you click a back link to another site that chances to be infected with a virus or any other malware, you would have alerted through an alert message and that virus would be detained and exterminated from the root.

The software is being persistently updated through the Symantec Live Update function. This means that new viruses released on the Internet automatically will be caught before they damage your computer.

Features of Norton Security Software

Keep your eyes feast on the below noted points to get to know the useful features having on Norton:

Norton safeguards your device at high-rated against malwares, threats and other viruses that trying to enter in PC silently
The personal information and online transactions will be safe and secured with its unique tools
It constantly protecting your device from the time of subscription without even letting you know
Compatibility to run on multiple devices- PCs, Macs, smartphones and tablets with a single subscription
Norton comprises special product that offer family safety features so that your kids can explore their connected world without having any kind of fear or anxiety
Automatically store your photos and important documents at safety place on your PC so that you can backup anytime. Hence, don’t worry about losing the data
There is an option “add more” with which you can secure cloud storage internally whenever need changing in your PC

Setup, Download and Install Norton from download

To download and set the Norton product up on your computer system, follow the given steps:

Steps for Downloading

  1. First and forecast open your web browser on your PC and then enter the link download into the search bar
  2. Now, you will be prompted to sign-in or sign-up page. If you are already on Norton, tap sign-in button otherwise click on sign-up and fill all the information into the required field that are being asked to insert
  3. Now, once you successfully sign-up on Norton, hit sign-in and enter the login credentials properly
  4. In the next step, click on “Download” button. Doing this will display you a pop-up message saying to save the .exe file onto your computer. So, click on “Save”
  5. In this way, you can download the genuine and latest version of Norton antivirus

Steps for Norton Installation On Windows

After downloading the Norton application, you are required to run the downloaded file to install it and give authorization for scanning your PC and protect it against virus. Have a glimpse here at once:

  1. Go to the downloaded folder on your computer and search for the .exe file that have earlier been downloaded by you
  2. Now, click on that file to run the setup
  3. Though, you may also purchase the CD/DVD for Norton from the retail shop and insert it into the drive
  4. Now, you are required to enter product key that you have received on your e-mail if you purchase Norton from online or for offline service users, they can be gotten the product key in CD packets
  5. The product key contains 25 digits’ alphanumeric key which needs to be stored at safe place for further use
  6. After entering that key, continue with the default setting by selecting the “Next” option
  7. Read the license and its agreements carefully and accept it via clicking “Yes”
  8. Norton Setup with Product Key can be activated by visiting the Norton settings
  9. Read the instructions and continue with default settings
  10. Now, select “OK”, then “Next” and at the end click “Done”
  11. Now, you will be congratulating by Norton team once installation and completion of Norton setup done on your Windows

Steps for Norton Installation on Mac iOS

If you are a Mac user, then skip the above written information and focus on the below noted points:

  1. First of all, enter the link on browser
  2. Now, hit sign-up for Norton if you don’t have already an account on it, else click “sign-in” if you have already one
  3. Enter the 25-digit alphanumeric key into the desired field and then click “Enter”
  4. After activation of Norton antivirus, go to your Norton account and select your product option under services i.e., Norton360, Norton security, Norton internet security, Norton security deluxe, Norton Antivirus, Norton security standard etc.
  5. Download the selected product for Mac and install it. Wait until your Mac restarts
  6. Update your Norton product to the latest version
  7. Check firewall settings and update your operating system if necessary
  8. Run a full scan just to ensure that it’s running well

How to Uninstall Norton On Windows and On Mac?

There are times when you eagerly want some website to be accessed on your device but unfortunately Norton antivirus refuges the site to be opened. In that case, until you uninstall the Norton product, the site won’t open. So, it is needed to uninstall the Norton from your operating system for the time being and after done your work task by opening that site, you may reinstall it with the help of 25-digit product key. That’s why it is earlier being said to you to remember the product key or else store it at safe place.

Uninstall Norton On Windows

  1. Select the Windows you are using from the desktop tile
  2. Raise the charms bar
  3. Select ‘settings’, then click control panel
  4. Choose the ‘uninstall a program’ option
  5. Click on Norton app to remove via hitting the option “Uninstall”

Uninstall Norton for Mac

  1. Go to your app folder and open Symantec solution folder
  2. Double click on ‘Symantec uninstaller’ option
  3. Under the section of uninstall Symantec product window, select the box close to the Norton application for being uninstalled
  4. Finally tap “Uninstall”

What Are the System Requirements for Downloading Norton?

Norton Antivirus is wide-ranging protective antivirus software that can be used on windows, mac, Linux, or any other operating system to give 100% security and protection against viruses or multiple threats. Norton product or Norton Security program has collected acknowledgement in the detection, prevention, and elimination of malware very effectively in a single PC or even smartphones. Norton setup with product key is quite simple and easy to done. Here are the system requirements for Norton setup:

  1. Processor: for windows 7/8 and 10, you need 1GHz of the processor
  2. Ram: for windows 10, minimum required space is 2 GB but for Windows 7 and 8 minimum space would be 1 GB
  3. Hard Disk Space: Minimum required space is 300 MB to download Norton products on your device.

To be gracefully installed Norton security on your phone or PC, you simply need to follow the steps given at or with product key. Proper installation is crucial to ensure satisfactory protection of your system against malware. You must update the program regularly, especially when you receive a notification for updating. Norton security provides you high-rated of protection agreement.

Get Instant Support from Norton Customer Service Team

If someone having any queries regarding downloading, installing and Norton setup process, they can clear their doubt in a cost-effective way by sending out an email or by instantly chatting with our experienced technical executives. The all provided list for getting remote access assistance are available at

  1. The toll-free number is mentioned at this site via which you can direct make connection with dexterous engineers
  2. The email-id is provided there through which you can avail quality solution
  3. The site has online chatting option through which you can contact highly proficient team

The below-provided top-notch services will be proffered when you reach us:

  1. Helpless users can be reached anytime as the services opened round the clock
  2. The users can be helped in solving any kind of incompatibility issues that may happen randomly when you operate Norton product
  3. Providing fruitful solution with 100% customer satisfaction for any kind of installation, product key setup, and activation related issues

Therefore, hassle-freely activate your Norton Setup with product key on your operating system and get the device highly protected.